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Pastor Emilio Frias

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Pastor Emilio found out he had cancer, 4 days after his grandma passed away from cancer as well.

This is his story behind his amazing recovery:

I went into surgery May 8th to have the cancer removed but it was an aggressive type so it had already spread into my lymph nodes in my stomach area. My doctor said that surgery and radiation remove the lymph nodes was going to be pointless because of the aggressiveness of it so it would come right back. He decided that Chemotherapy was the answer and i was assigned to do 4 rounds. This seems like something small but it actually was not.. For each round i had to go in everyday for a week and receive treatment for 3-4 hours, rest 21 days and then come back and do it all over again. I did a total of 20 sessions totaling 80 hours of chemo being poured into me. 

That was helpful plus a lot of prayer as well. Being a pastor it is something that we believed as a family to do and pray for my health and come in agreement that this was it. Cancer was not gonna take someone else's life.

I went back to the doctor last week and one more test is needed to say officially that i am in remission but we know that i am indeed.. 

powerful and well the attitude we took forward. Being negative could have gotten me sick but i maintained my schedule. Never missed a day of work and still here going strong.